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Free events this weekend!! / BREAKAWAY MUSIC FEST DISCOUNT!

Check out these nightlife events with FREE entry through my guest list: Tonight: • Claptone at The Grand • Daryus Costa at Scorpion Bar (Floor below the Grand) • Dj Certified at Shrine Foxwoods Tomorrow: • DJ Bones at Mémoire (Inside Encore Casino) • Splann at Scorpion Bar (Floor below the Grand) • Donny D at Shrine Foxwoods Also, don’t forget about Breakaway Mass! Right in our backyard at The Palladium Outdoors in Worcester! Use my discount codes for some savings: • ADRI for 10% off • ADRIGROUP for 15% off when you buy 8+ tickets Grab your tickets here (or google breakaway mass 2024) bit.ly/breakawaymass 🎫 For a complete list of all the free and discounted events happening in the city, visit: bit.ly/aDRIANA 📅


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